If you have spent any time on the West Side of LA, you will get a chuckle out of the new kids clothing line Rabbit Kinney.

(For the rest of you, there’s a hot drag near Venice Beach called Abbot Kinney Boulevard named for the area’s founder. See? Now we’re all in this together.)

The organic onesies and tees feature the colorful namesake character LA-ing it up on roller skates, surfboard, or a skateboard – and then there’s one design in which he seems to be carrying a briefcase and cane. Presumably to panhandle on Hollywood Boulevard?

It’s a way better newborn gift for your Angeleno friends than some future celebrity onesie. Besides, they’ve probably already got six. –Liz

Save 10% on all orders with code 1075SPRING08 through 6/20/08

Congratulations to Wendy K, winner of the surfer onesie and matching mama tee!


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