My daughter regularly has twice as much in her closet as her brother does. But shopping for a boy doesn’t have to be boring anymore, as CMP is constantly assuring you. One more example: mom-run Ochanga, which features boys-only hip international fashions that can hold their own against the latest boutique duds.

You can search by country of designer, if you like, to maximize your global experience. Or you can do what I do and head directly for the stuff that’s just plain the cutest. For casual days I’m partial to this chromosome t-shirt, and for any upcoming soirees I’m grooving on the dots and loops party shirt.

My only complaint is that sizes only go up to 6T. That makes Ochanga a great baby/toddler resource, but I’ll have to keep searching for my own boy, who had the audacity to keep growing past size 6. Hmph. –Mir

[thanks michelle

Save 20% off everything at Ochanga through 5/31/08 with code COOLMOM08


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