In the final weeks of my pregnancies, I was alphabetizing my CDs, scrubbing out the kitchen cabinets, and laundering everything in sight. I most certainly was not thinking about packing my hospital bag.

If I’d known about the ready-packed Mom to Be Bags from new shop 5 Minutes Apart, I wouldn’t have had to wear a pair of hospital-issue socks for four days, cursing myself for my misplaced priorities. Instead, I’d have been wearing a pair of fluffy slippers on my tootsies with a lavender aromatherapy mask over my bloodshot eyes.

The three different labor and delivery bags are filled with a ton of luxury goodies and personal care products for when a mama needs them most. Due for Indulgence, the splurgiest of the bags, even includes a spa robe and high end all-natural face cream from Veda Pure. No Nivea here.

The bags make a super shower gift or even better, a generous present for a mama hitting the l&d ward the second or third time around. Those are the women who really have no time to remember the lip balm. Let alone alphabetize our music collections. –Julie

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Congratulations to Tina R, winner of the Labor of Love bag!

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