Okay so I admit to a little stroller remorse with my Bugaboo. Not that I don’t love it (I really, really love it) but I’m getting a little tired of the red after three years.

Which is also why it’s a good thing that I never got a tattoo. 

But wait, maybe I can freshen things up economically with Bonne Bonnets and their beautifully made canopy covers. Made by two smart mamas to fit the Frog, Cameleon or Geco, it’s like having a brand new Bug for just 90 bucks. There are currently ten fabrics to choose from and they coordinate with the existing fabrics just perfectly.

You can machine wash the bonnets too, so when your husband puts his iced coffee in a sports bottle up there sideways between the folds and forgets to close the bottle, then when you get home you realize your entire stroller and baby smell like a wet bar rag at Starbucks…well, you get the point. –Liz

Congratulations to Stacey H, winner of the Bonne Bonnet of her choice!


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