It seemed like the great anticipation of meeting your baby was quickly dashed by the fact that he really doesn’t do anything but sleep, eat, and poop. Or, if you’re my babies, just eat and poop — apparently sleep was optional.

While I was sobbing over my breast pump, I wish someone had given me a copy of The Rookie Moms Handbook. Authors, bloggers, and CMP friends Heather Gibbs Flett and Whitney Moss have taken their popular website and turned it into a fantastic gift book full of 250 activities to pass the time and get you and your baby through the first year.

What’s great is that most of their suggestions don’t require fancy equipment or loads of cash. Even seasoned mom will enjoy the creative ideas to pass the time, you know, other than change 4,000 diapers. -Kristen

Pssst: Stick this book and a "get out of diaper-changing free" card in a Nest Diaper Bag (as featured on our Gift Guide) and you will make a new mom or mom-to-be extremely happy this Mother’s Day. 

Congrats to Dawnelle B, winner of an autographed copy of The Rookie Mom’s Handbook!



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