My babies aren’t babies anymore, but that doesn’t stop them from acting like babies on occasion. In particular, my son is prone to shrieking like a lamb at the slaughter if a single molecule of shampoo or conditioner hits his precious eyeballs while he’s in the shower. Most tear-free shampoos for kids either can’t stand up to real mops of hair or smell like fruits on steroids. Call me crazy, but maybe I don’t want my kids reeking of "wacky watermelon."

NewBornMom is a new mom-run online source for eco-friendly baby products, and quite frankly it never would’ve occurred to me to look there for hair products for my big kids. But they recently saved the day around here — their 99.5% natural, paraben-free Baby Zen shampoo and conditioner scored big on every measure: The green tea scent is pleasant but light, the shampoo gets out even pond scum (don’t ask) and the conditioner tames the toughest tangles.

It is indeed completely screamless, er, tearless. And it’s so good, the kids haven’t even complained about there being babies on the labels. Now that’s good. -Mir

Use code NBM108 for 10% off purchases through 6/15/08 

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