Oh, the problems most moms are facing these days: Top tier pre-school interviews, PTA meetings conflicting with opening night at the opera, challenges with the live-in help.

Okay, so that’s not actually the lives of most moms unless you’re watching that Housewives of NYC show. But if we were even remotely in that social strata, we’d be on the phone with The Nanny Doctor faster than you can say hedge fund.

The doc is actually Dr. Lindsay Heller, a licensed clinical psychologist who works to improve parent-caregiver relationships. And she’s not in NYC, she’s in Beverly Hills. (Surprise.) While some of her services sound a little Greek to us, what we do like is that she can guide you through the process of hiring the best nanny for your family, and help you manage interviews, and ongoing matters of etiquette and ethics. Or even the stuff we all deal with – conflict resolution, and transitions that can be brutal on kids like changing schools, moving, and death or divorce in the family.

Most of us spend hours with parenting self-help websites or books with the presumption that this kind of service is beyond our means. But if you’re at your wits’ end and you’ve got the bank account, the Nanny Doctor might just be what the proverbial doctor ordered. –Julie and Liz