As parents, we know that there are going to be difficult conversations that we need to have — about sex, violence, relationships, substances — but it can be hard to know how to actually talk about them. That’s where author Michelle Icard can help. Her book, Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen helps guide parents through allll the talks (the easy ones and the tricky ones), from how to have them, to what to actually talk about… and a whole lot more.

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Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen | Michelle Icard on Spawned podcast

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– How to use the B.R.I.E.F acronym that will help you have these conversations (or really, any conversations in your life) with ease.

– When should you actually have these conversations?

– Why tackling tough topics can foster connection between you and your kid.

– The talk that is often surprisingly the hardest (and nope, it’s not sex!)

– Common mistakes that parents make when having these conversations.

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What we do in the shadows

Michelle: With all this time spent hunched over a computer, Michelle is loving her tiger balm, neck heating pad, and Calm app combination. We’ll definitely have to give it a try ourselves.

Kristen: I’m obsessed with What We Do in the Shadows, a hilarious mockumentary about vampires living in Staten Island. You must binge this immediately.

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