At first glance, the shell-shaped plastic Bilibo seemed sort of odd to me. Is it a seat? A stool? Another container for junk? I was skeptical when it came our way to say the least.

But then I gave it to my three-year-old and she literally played with it for a solid hour. Geared for kids 2 and up, the Swiss-made seat/stool/whatever found at toy shop The Crimson Wagon allows your kids to let their imaginations run wild.  My daughter made it into a spinning seat, a reading chair and a balancing stool, all on her very own.

My only gripe is that I didn’t get two, mainly because it would have saved me from the battle between my kids over who gets to play with it next. -Kristen

Use code "COOLMOMS" for 10% off your order at The Crimson Wagon.



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