Ask just about any former nursing mother about lanolin and she’ll flinch and cross her arms over her chest. I’m having a nasty flashback myself now.

Believe it or not, lanolin can be used on other parts of your body too, like those chapped lips that are an inevitable side effect of pregnancy and nursing. LanoLip is a lip balm made with real medical-grade lanolin and a host of other soothing ingredients but the packaging makes the stuff almost glamorous – yummy flavors like wintergreen and dreamsicle re even carried in fancy spas like Bliss.

But the real appeal to me is how well it works; it’s not waxy or clumpy like other lip balms, but smooth and it absorbs immediately. Plus it comes in a pot, so you can get  quick swipe across your kids’ chapped lips before they even realize what you’re up to.

Order yours at at their online shop where you can engage in "lano luxury." Their words. –Julie


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