I figured out real fast that that baby laundry detergent that’s supposed to be so great? Not so great. Overpriced and frankly, doesn’t seem to actually get anything clean. Lesson learned.

If you want to keep your baby clothes looking great for the next wearing, the next kid, or the next generation, The Laundress is your new best friend.

This luxury line of baby laundry products are absolutely wonderful. The detergent smells classic and yummy, it gets stains out, and it doesn’t contain anything bad for baby’s sensitive skin. And I love having some wool and cashmere shampoo on hand to preserve my own sweaters without shelling out a fortune on dry cleaning. It’s also great for those fancy-schmancy baby blankets from well-meaning friends who don’t realize you have no time to be taking care of cashmere in your postpartum haze.

Last reco: The Baby Gift Bag which makes a useful and original (if pricey) new mama gift. Because I’d never in a million years recommend showing up at a shower with a gallon of Tide wrapped in a bow. –Liz

Congratulations to Sara C, winner of the linen baby garment bag!


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