Why do men not write thank you notes? I always thought it was genetic. Or poor breeding. And then I realized, wait – it’s just that all the thank you notes out there with their swoopy flowers and curly script-y typefaces are entirely emasculating.

Or “candy-ass” as the awesome stationery company Pretty Bitter will have you know.

That’s just why they came out with Man Notes, card sets designed to be all cool and manly, like a stick of Old Spice deodorant or a Sam Peckinpah movie. Instead of icons like lady bugs and flowers, you’ll find toy soldiers, hand grenades, skulls and power tools backed by terrific photographic imagery. The solider would be awesome for the military dad in your life, and the lawnmower is perfect for the weekend warrior.

I’m dying to hand a set out to every guy I know – just to see if I get a thank you note in return. –Liz


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