Ever wonder what a butterfly is worth on the black market? According to Alastair Reid, author of A Balloon for a Blunderbuss, quite a bit. Especially if you trade it for a bigger thing and then a bigger thing and then an army. Or any island. Maybe even the world.

If you’re not familiar with this book it’s because it’s just now being reprinted and released for the first time in forty years. If it’s beloved from your own childhood, it’s time to get a fresh, not-so-dogeared copy for the kids.

Illustrated by infamous graphic designer turned children’s book illustrator Bob Gill, a whole lot of ink and clever retro designs bring the simple story to life. The combination, especially the ironic ending, makes this book a classic.

Even though I’m still not sure exactly what a blunderbuss is. –RIta

NYC parents – get your copy signed by Bob Gill along with his other classic, What Color is Your World at a reading at The Conran Shop June 14 from 10-12.


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