One of the best fashion trends to hit children’s wear – no, not custom bling shirts – is the use of fair trade organic cotton. The more demand there is for it, the more companies are working hard to come up with really appealing fabrics and the designs to incorporate them.

One of those companies is Scandinavian Serendipity, which we discovered at one of our favorite online hot spots, Hazel Wood Children. Their prints are all originals, which we really admire, and they keep the lines really classic and lovely. I’m digging the empire waist dress (shown) and the very sweet cotton line dress although any of their options would get my girls through the swankier family get-togethers of spring and summer.

The prices, although not mass market, won’t kill you either. Let’s hear it for the best trend of all. –Liz

Make sure to hit Hazel Wood kids now now now! The Serendipity clothes are on mega sale and supplies are limited.


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