I am very happy to get wind of Baggu bags, the reusable shopper that comes in colors so fabulous, it’s all the evidence you need that this eco-bag thing is not a trend going away anytime soon.

The swanky nylon bags were designed by a mom-daughter team and they’re a far cry from the free PBS tote bag you’ve been stashing in the car. More versatile too – they fold up small and flat, then unfold to hold up to three plastic bags’ worth of groceries or about 25 pounds. That’s a whole lot of organic heirloom tomatoes. I really like that the bottom is designed to sit flat for when you have to put the bag down for a minute and keep the kid from darting into the parking lot.

Use yours for a year and the company claims you’ll be replacing 300-700 ugly disposable bags. Or maybe just our supermarket’s bags are ugly. Anyone else in NYC shop at Gristedes?

[via design mom]


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