We’ve written on occasion about our aversion to baby blankets that are too
pretty to use. To say nothing of being spit up on, peed on, caught in
the rain and soaked with other substances of unknown origin. All-weather blankets are a godsend, but they’re not exactly the blankets you wrap the baby in for the photo ops with the relatives. Or are they?

Designer Laura Walker’s handmade in the USA Rainkie Blankie (along with her wonderfully navigable website – bless you, Laura) is definitely impressing us. The blanket makes clever use of satin, fleece or minkie on the baby side, and a coordinated water-repellent microfiber on the other to get you through surprise Oklahoma storms, or just picnics on a still damp stretch of grass.

But best of all, these are just nice looking blankets. Even when the sun is shining and the only sign of wetness is coming from your baby. –Liz

Enter code coolmoms at checkout for $10 off any item.

Congratulations to Laura C, winner of the brown and white paisley blanket!

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