We have the world’s stupidest cell phone charging set-up at our home. Meaning we plug it in, set it on the floor, and act amazed as the baby gets to the wire every time.

Then today I discovered the Driin mobile phone holder and it’s so smart I’m smacking my forehead and saying now why didn’t I think of that?  It dangles from the wall socket with the phone charger to anchor it, and then the shelf holds the cell phone while you wrap the unruly wire around it. Much better solution than the one we’ve been relying on.

It’s great looking too, with modern colors that look right at home with the Eames and the Nogucci. Which is why you can find it at cool online shops like mxyplyzyk (look under “odds and ends”) or the Whitney Museum Store for a couple of bucks less. As well as the local Huge Store That Sells Everything where I found it – the one with words like bed and bath in the name. –Liz


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