kuuru shoes
We’ve had a heck of a time trying to find summer sandals for my daughter. Combine her in-between shoe size with fairly narrow feet and you basically eliminate most of the better shoe options out there.

So when I slid a pair of Kuuru Shoes on her narrow tootsies without they flying off her feet, I was overjoyed. Designed by mom Helen Cheng, these shoes feature an inner sole modeled after real feet so they’re built to fit a variety of widths quite well. And I love that they’ve got a solid sole for active little lasses like mine.

If you’re curious whether they look as cute in person as they do in their picture, just ask my daughter. When I finally got the Alyssas (pictured) off her feet, she stuck them in her dress up box, along with all her fancy shoes. That basically says it all. -Kristen

Use code “coolmompicks20” for 20% off your order!

Congratulations to Connie H, winner of her choice of a pair of Kuuru shoes!


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