i-60be658d07e9dd005d68b9da3d06a073-Philips Eco TV-thumb-200x219.jpgLet’s face it, what most guys are really hoping for for Father’s Day is that big screen TV. I know my own sigOth’s wish list includes a vast array of expensive electronic toys for boys. Like really expensive. Like the kind that require a trip to Circuit City with the Platinum Card.

Whether your hedge fund paid out this year or you’re just looking for an excuse to replace the old 14″ relic left over from your college days, you might be able to justify the purchase a little better with the Eco TV from Phillips.

This Energy Star-rated baby has a full 42″ flat screen and has won all kinds of awards, in no small part because it’s RoHS compliant. Which means it’s free of all those bad heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, and so on) that are probably eating our brains faster than bad reality shows.

It’s got a power saver mode, a backlight that dims, and even the manuals and the packaging are recycled. Just like half the programming that you’ll use it to watch this summer after the kids are asleep. Rock of Love II in HD anyone?

Find it at Amazon for a mere $1249.99 –Liz