i-d5988301aa88bd3d3f21ec5d95890150-dante eco peace-thumb-200x200.jpgBelieve it or not, moms are already starting to ask us about back to school shopping. (Seriously, chill moms! We’re not even up to camp ideas!) Backpacks of course are on top of the list, and we’ve got our eyes open for options besides PVC or heinous licensed characters that your kids will outgrow before the school even begins.

We’re so excited to find out that chi-chi diaper bag maker to the stars, Dante Beatrix, is just starting to ship their new line of eco backpacks for kids.

The bags aren’t just “eco” because one of them has a big old green recycling icon on it; they’re actually made 100% of recycled bottles, with the exception of the canvas trim which in itself is a green fabric choice. That’s about as far from PVC as a bag gets.

The graphic icons are a little message-y: In addition to the green one there’s a pink heart and an orange peace sign. But your children will just think they look cool. Which they do. Pack your kid’s organic almond butter sandwiches in reusable lunch bags with a Sigg bottle full of hormone-free milk and they’re the coolest kids at school. –Liz

EDITED TO ADD: Dante Beatrix is now Beatrix NY. Find them at https://beatrixny.com

Congratulations to Kristi D, winner of an eco-backpack of her choice!