We’re year-round pool goers in this family, and the water-worshipping indoctrination starts early. Out of the womb and into the pool, I say. That is, once I’ve gotten you out of your diaper, out of your clothes, into your swim diaper, and into your suit. Sigh.

My newest babe made his pool debut last weekend with the help of the Baby Swim Pack, new this season from Konfidence USA, the makers of the signature neoprene Konfidence jacket we featured last year for new swimmers. The highlight of the Baby Swim Pack is a reusable swim diaper that adjusts to fit even the tiniest bathing beauties, thanks to snaps and velcro. Hear that eco-moms? Plus, you don’t have to deal with Nemo or Dora in all your family beach photos.

It comes in a sturdy nylon drawstring bag, but the real gem is the neoprene changing pad which is just stellar for the beach. It’s got the easy clean-up of vinyl, but is softer, warmer and cushier, so a slippery wet baby won’t squirm his way off the pad.

Think you don’t need a special changing pad for the pool? I was skeptical too. So let me assure you – you do. –Julie

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