Summer can be l-o-n-g when the weather is bad, the kids are bored and I refuse to turn the television on to pass the time. Thankfully, I have just discovered hundreds of activities on With a neat feature that lets me choose activities for kids based on grade
level (pre-k through 12) I am assured that I’ll pick something that won’t have my kids whining about baby games.

My oldest often complains that I try to turn everything into “a learning opportunity” so I’m most happy that the site’s activities teach kids something without being so blatantly obvious as I normally am. For instance, Crack the Code, turns a first grade spelling exercise into a fun, Sherlock Holmes-esque game.

Overall, is a smart online resource for parents with articles on kindergarten readiness, advice from experts on handling bullies, and recipes for
healthy snacks. For those of us who want advice from other parents, there are loads of groups and
discussion boards. I’d give most of the site an A, although the Schoolfinder resource needs to bulk up its entries, and I found the homeschooling category includes facts and articles unique to
California’s laws.

In any case, it’s a good site to bookmark, particularly if you’re looking for fun educational stuff to do with your kids. Even if they do call you out on it.  –Christina

Congratulations to Elizabeth W, winner of the $125 fun package including an Alex Toys crafting kit, Magnetic Poetry’s StoryMaker kit, Cranium’s SuperFort Kit, and a Zimbbos stacking game from Blue Orange Toys!

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