The SolarVeil sling from Mamma’s Milk has taken up permanent
residence in my pool bag, right next to the sunscreen. Because my baby boy has that pale porcelain skin
that absolutely must be shielded from the sun, but with two older kiddos
who adore the pool (okay, I do too), staying inside all summer is
not a reasonable option.

This summer sling is made with
light gauzy fabric that’s not only perfect for warmer days, it provides amazing SPF 70+ protection – above and
beyond the sunscreen that I still insist on applying. I can nurse
completely discreetly with this little protection panel (which you can easily tuck  away if you don’t need it)  meaning we can lounge poolside all afternoon without
fear of sunburned baby skin.

I also like the whole quick-drying aspect of the fabric so I can bring the baby right in the pool with me. Why should my girls have all the fun? –Julie