Yesterday, both my kids’ daddy and my own daddy opened up their brand new copies of Top Chef: The Cookbook. Which is why I held this review until today.

Publisher Chronicle Books always does an outstanding job with their titles and this canvas-covered tome is no exception. If your Wednesday nights are committed to Bravo, you’ll find the Top Chef cookbook most excellently captures all the fun, all the style, all the energy of the show – the cover is even wrapped in the same canvas as the chefs’ jackets.

Between the covers you’ll be privy to great behind-the-scene pics, trivia, cast and judge interviews and bios, and silly sidebars like an Anthony Bourdain insult-o-meter (“Those chops; that was like economy class of Air Cambodia”). But the real fun is in the 100 recipes that, surprisingly, don’t all require a culinary arts degree to pull off. Dave’s salami and gouda panini looks fantastic and easy and I think my kids would love CJ’s crepes with almond whipped cream and strawberries.

As for me, I’d be happy with just a whole bunch of pictures of Sam Talbot from season three. Skip right to page 128, ladies. –Liz