When you spent every waking moment of your pregnancy searching for crib sheets in just the right shade of persimmon, and tormenting yourself over the weave of the nursery rug, you’re not going to put up some poster on the wall, right? All the better if the artwork of your dreams is handmade and one-of-a-kind. Or better yet, a custom job.

That’s just what you’ll get if you go halfway around the world to Australian mum Monique Gaspar’s art studio – or at least to her website, Look at the Wall.

Monique’s whimsical pandas, swinging monkeys and yawning hippos are actually collages, each custom cut from a variety of papers – some handmade, some recycled, some newspaper – then affixed to panels of wood, varnished and ready to hang. I really love that she’ll even work with a color scheme you’ve got in mind. For example, just the right shade of persimmon.

Just don’t drive her completely crazy, okay?  –Liz

Buy three or more pieces and get 5% off your purchase when you mention CMP.


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