As a wife of a pilot who takes advantage of the perks and does a fair bit of traveling alone with two kids, I’m always on the lookout for travel helpers that make the experience a bit more tolerable.

First tip: A bag of jellybeans. Second tip: Mom Kathy Drury’s invention, the Tray Bien – a smart in-flight organizer that hangs over the seat tray turning it into a flying diaper bag.

It took me all of two seconds to get past the punny name and onto the thoughtful design. It includes two front pockets for books and games, plus extra compartments for a sippy cup, bottle, and/or Benadryl holder (heh) depending on the style. There’s also a super secret side pouch that easily holds diapers and a wipes pack, or if you’re lucky enough to have a baby who sleeps, a couple of magazines.

If you’ve got an older kid there’s a style made to hold crayons and other distractions that the kid can grab himself without reaching into a seat back pocket that held who knows what bit of nastiness only hours before.

Thee best part is, with the tray now being consumed with all your kiddo’s essentials, it’s one less thing he can use to annoy the poor person sitting in front of them. -Kristen

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Congratulations to Tray Bien winner, Kristin W!.