If you spent less time picking out baby names than trying to find a birth announcement that’s unique, fabulous, quirky, and perfectly free of gingham and teddy bears, you are very much in luck. We found some of the coolest, most inventive, and occasionally insane announcements online at Inventing Matilda.

Some of our faves: Blueberry, Birds of a Feather, the very funky Every Girl Loves Flowers, and for the truly avant-garde, Cool Scribbles or Little White Bird (shown here). These are the tamer ones. Poke around designer Bonnie Belle’s shop for the more outrageous styles if you’re a parent who want to freak out the in-laws a little bit. Bonnie prints them on your choice of card stock for $2 a card, which we like, or for half that you can get it on Fujicolor crystal archive paper.

If you’re super picky with typefaces like I am, Bonnie will customize your announcement just the way you like it. Maybe even venture into the frightening world of sans-serif. If you twist her arm. –Liz

Congratulations to ecard winners C Family, Erin H, Erin L, Julie E, Laura C, Laura G, Linda P, Louise B, Michelle T, and Robin W!


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