I bombed Goody Bags 101 at my youngest daughter’s party. The Play-Doh bits ended up all over my couch, the babies ate the crayons, and the cheap imitation slinkies broke faster than you can say choking hazard. The one thing I did get right were the bubbles.

Or as Paul Rudd said in Knocked Up, “I wish I loved anything as much as my kids love bubbles.”

If you’ve got a summer birthday coming up and are lucky enough to have a few kids sticking around town for the party, you have to get your hands on the scented ice cream bubbles at Pink Olive. And yes, they actually smell (kind of) like ice cream: Mint, vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. As with actual ice cream, kids will go through them in no time. But the clean up is way easier. -Liz

Happy first day of National Ice Cream Month!


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