If you heeded our advice and snatched up much lauded performer Frances England’s debut album, Fascinating Creatures, then you and your kiddos will be glad to know she’s got another great one to add to your collection.

On Family Tree, Frances’s ethereal voice sounds more like something you’d hear at your local live music joint than in your kid’s CD player. Her simple lyrics combined with uncomplicated accompaniments are pleasantly devoid of goofy made-up words and electronica. In fact, the only indicators that it’s a kid’s album are the few itty bitty voices interspersed in a few of the tracks.  

You’ll tap your foot to “Giddy Up” and be instantly smitten with “Tugboat.” And if your kids are anything like mine, they’ll be singing along during the first listen. Don’t be surprised if you do too. -Kristen

Congratulations to Amy A, winner of an autographed copy of Frances England’s “Family Tree”!

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