Oh sure, today you could dig out the Old Navy flag tees that you get to wear once a year–or that your kids get to wear once, total.

But we love the idea of showing your true red white and blue by grabbing the conceptual American Civil Liberties necklace from Stories and Divinations. Handmade by very pedigreed Ann Arbor artist, mom, and super cool chick Laurie Longo, it was created, like all her items, from found ephemera; in this case  an academic paper from 1942.

The entire political category has loads of eye candy for the civil libertarian in you, but the rest of her shop is great fun too featuring cards, jewelry, and other goodies that all tell stories including your own – check out the truly unique custom photo necklace for a taste.

And for a great twist on the old Old Glory, don’t miss the My Life as a Spy bracelet. Fantastic. –Liz

So cool: Save an extra 20% off all non-sale items in the shop when you tell Laurie a great story. For real! Details on the site.

[Handmade American Summer in July cards via Stories and Divinations]


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