Oh Petit Flaneur, where have you been all my gift-giving life?

This brand new Toronto-based design shop is doing super fabulous things with a combo of natural or reclaimed materials from local sources and a sharp design sense.

The handmade wooden blocks may be the next gift that every one of my pregnant friends receives – I love that they’re bigger than your average mass market set, and that each block is hand crafted from a different high quality reclaimed wood. The circus theme is adorable (especially in the vintage color palate) or flip them to reveal apples and ice cream cones and you can get a game of tic tac toe going with an older child. Non-toxic materials and finishes, natch.

There’s also a splendid selection of decor including wall decals, and wood veneer and fabric collages featuring bird or garden motifs if your nursery is missing a little earthiness. Very feng shui. -Liz


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