So here we are, well into summer when just now I realize my toddler’s shoe wardrobe is not really cutting it. What I need is something more like a sneaker-sandal hybrid; something that looks cute with a skirt but can still handle impromptu jaunts to the playground.

(And don’t suggest those ubiquitous plastic gardening shoes because one day a kid is going to kill themselves wearing those things and then I’ll say I told you so. But I digress.)

I’ve found the perfect solution at Love You Baby via the the so-French-you-want-to-eat-a-crepe kids shoes from Bensimon. The wearable, washable, so sweet Balerine style is just what I’ve had in my head, only cuter. Nice construction too and good flexible soles. But I’m also sort of loving the indigo grey Lacet shoe which the site describes as “effortlessly cool,” and I’ve got to say I agree.

Sadly, my petite fille will have to wait another year until Bensimon’s shoes fit her. And sadly, they don’t carry my size at all. Tant pis.Liz


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