When you get a pitch for something called Poo-Pourri you think it’s a joke. Maybe a teaser for a Will Ferrell movie or an April Fool’s email that got lost in the ether for three months. But holy cow, it’s for real…and it’s good. Very good.

The whole idea is that you spray inside the bowl before you…go. The all-natural formula of essential oils like lemongrass and grapefruit basically creates a barrier, trapping in any unladylike odors. Or ungentlemanlike, as the case is around our sad little one-bathroom apartment. (Sorry, hon. It’s true.)

While the pitch was absurd–something about waiting in a coed bathroom while a Brad Pitt lookalike walks in behind you as your Thai food from lunch makes a nasty comeback (um, does that happen a lot to people?) — I think the real value is for parents who are worried about what they’re spraying into the air now that babies have come along.

Choose from the original Poo-pourri, the cleverly named No. 2, or get the manly Royal Flush that smells like eucalyptus and mint. It’s way better than yelling at the sigOth after the fact, trust me. –Liz

Congratulations to Poo-Pourri winner Shana F!