We’re big fans of those simple joys, like knowing you have spare batteries, a working pen, or a fresh new water filter replacement right when you need it. But unlike batteries, which you can just grab pretty much anywhere, it can be a hassle tracking down the right air and water filters when you run out.

(And that incessant beeping from your fridge? Not a fan of that.)

Who knew there was a Home Filter Club subscription program but hey, there is! And it’s brilliant.

Sign up for the program at FiltersFast.com — how’s that for the perfect name? — and you’ll get a discount on all manufacturers’ filters. Best of all, you never have to remember when it’s time to change the filters around your house. That means your sink, your fridge, your ice maker, your swimming pool or hot tub, your kid’s fish tank, your air conditioners, and those air purifiers that we’ve all started using over the past few years… you name it.

You’ll have the exact filters you need, shipped directly to you, as often as you need them replaced.

Bonus: a portion of each purchase supports non-profits like Wine To Water, Habitat for Humanity, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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Just visit FiltersFast.com, find the filter size you need and any other specifications, like MERV rating for air or furnace filters. Schedule your frequency and…you’re all set. This way, you’ll know your air and drinking water are always in good shape for your pets, your kids, your entire family.

One less hassle for parents to worry about? Yes, please.

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Join today for up to10% off filters in your subscription, free shipping, and 365-day returns.
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