While I’ve clearly arrived at the “Yoga Pants and Gauchos” trimester in my pregnancy, I’m not ready to give up on my style just because even my roomiest maternity clothes are suddenly very uncomfortable.

So meet my new best friend, Bao Bei Active maternity wear. Granted, the only active thing I’m doing that warrants a special kind of clothes is chasing after my other two kids, but when did yoga pants ever discriminate? Their line of pants are body hugging without exposing every lump and bump, and the waistline fits perfectly under the belly without making you run to the bathroom every five minutes. Plus? They come in tall sizes too.

I’m always a fan of wearing what you want so long as it makes you feel good. But Bao Bei lets preggos like me rock the so-called mommy uniform without apology. -Kristen

Congratulations to Jaclyn U, winner of a pair of Bao Bei cropped yoga pants!


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