Life’s a picnic, or so the saying goes, until you try to take three kids on one. Just when I need them all to carry something, they all decide it is too heavy, they are too tired, and where are we stopping?

The fine folks over at Diaper Dude must feel my pain because they’ve come up with a convenient and stylish picnic blanket that can be rolled up and carried by a shoulder strap, leaving my hands free for everything else. Okay, it’s really a baby blanket with a removable diaper and wipes pouch onto the outside of the rolled blanket so that I can leave my giant diaper bag back in the car. But it’s perfect for picnics in every way – convenient size, water-resistant, and washing machine friendly. 

Please pass the potato salad. I think I’ll be staying awhile. -Christina
Make sure to stop over at Cookie’s blog all week to see what they’re serving up for your picnicking pleasure.

Congratulations to Crista J, winner of all our picnic picks plus Cookie’s picnic picks this week!


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