The last time I checked, becoming a parent didn’t mean automatic revocation of your passport, yet many of us with younger kids are extremely reluctant to leave the country. Not only do we have to make sure we have everything the kids need, it can be hard to determine where our offspring will be welcomed with open (and possibly stroller-friendly) arms.

Dust off your traveling shoes and get ready to go abroad, thanks to two parent-savvy resources we’ve found.

First, visit Baby-Friendly Boltholes, the “second baby” of British travel-agent-turned-parent Sian Williams. A clean, easy-to-navigate legend helps you find out which services and amenities–from baby equipment to farm animals to swimming pools–are available at which higher-end properties in the U.K. and around the world. In other words, no hostels here. Outstanding locations garner a full 5-toddler rating, which delights me perhaps more than it should.

Ciao Bambino! is cool in that founder Amie O’Shaughnessy is hoping to actually inspire families to travel the world together. The site’s worldwide vacation destination listings rate each resort from “baby ready” on up to “cool for teens.” You’ll find community ratings here too, which means that you’re learning from the experience of other parents.

Sort of like Trip Advisor, only without weeding through all the drunken wedding party guests complaining about the bar closing at 3 AM.

Now, if only we could find a site offering half-price international plane tickets. –Mir

[photo: anassa resort, cyprus]