The dirty little secret of parents everywhere is that their babies don’t sleep. I know because every time I confess to a mom friend that my youngest was up every two hours for bottles until 11 months, I get a similar story in return. What is with you kids anyway? Don’t you know sleep is like the greatest thing ever?

Dream Team Baby has been rescuing sleep-deprived NYC-area parents of kids up to 2 with their excellent consultation services. They’ll come into your home and make sure you’ve got an environment that’s most conducive to promoting healthy sleep patterns, while giving you the tools and tips you need to get more shut-eye all around. The big deal fancy “Stay With Me” package even includes an overnight stay with follow-up meetings – like your own Supernanny! If you’re not in New York, they can help you out by phone.

Owners and moms Conner Herman and Kira Ryan (also the sleep experts on are lovely to deal with–you’d feel totally comfortable having them in your home if you’ve got a nighttime nightmare on your hands. They’re also well-schooled by an impressive advisory panel so there’s one more reason you can rest easy.

Or to put it another way, start looking forward to bedtime again. Bravo Dream Team Baby. –Liz


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