Have you ever entered a room in which the kids have been playing
(usually too quietly) only to find that they have rearranged all the couch
and chair cushions so that they can walk (tumble, jump) around the
entire room without stepping on the (enchanted quicksand) floor? It isn’t pretty, although it
does look like fun.

For those who can afford to upgrade from couch cushions, check out the soft foam Tea Pods by iglooplay. Turn the larger one on its side and it’s a rocker. Turn it the other way and it’s a stool. Or maybe a rocket ship. Covered
in soft suede in an array of modern, muted colors, these pods won’t
scream “Kid Furniture”; the optional wooden tray top can even go from holding LEGOs to holding cocktails. If you want to go green, the newest pods comein wool and part-soy foam.  
While an entire set may cost more than your big-screen television (find them at 2Modern) at least the kids will be using their imagination as well as their muscles. And you can have your sofa back. –Christina

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