I will say I think the anti-germ stuff has gotten a leeeeettle out of control for moms. Germs aren’t all bad, you know! But then I think, hm, you know where I might want a germ-resistant fabric? A changing pad cover. And it seems that BonnBonn Baby has beat me to the idea with that and more.

The company works with this fancy patented NASA-approved magical fabric woven by mermaids or something that kills up to 650 strains of bacteria and their odors. But even better, it feels like a nice soft dishtowel. Like the kinds used as cloth napkins in French bistros that accidentally end up in my bag at the end of the meal.

It also happens to be a wicking fabric that dries in no time, making it particularly well-suited for onesies, tees, and  bibs, and most definitely crib sheets. Especially if you’ve got a big drooler on your hands. And really, aren’t they all?  –Liz

Congratulations to Mary A, winner of the BonnBonn Baby package!

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