My hat’s off to all moms of twins–double the gear, double the diapers, double the feedings. And not being able to wear both babies at once? That seems the most daunting prospect of all to me, since babywearing has saved my sanity with all three kids.

So when I saw that the Baby K’Tan baby carrier could be used to wear twins, I was amazed. These two loops of cloth feel as soft as a well-worn tee shirt, and they can be arranged in all sorts of  configurations including a cradle hold for two babies up to ten pounds each. A handy photographic manual comes with the carrier just to insure the panic attacks stay to a minimum.

It’s all cotton and free of buckles, snaps, and rings, so you can just toss it in the laundry with a load of clothes. No matter how many babies you’ve got at home, that alone makes the Baby K’Tan worth checking out. -Julie

Congratulations to Gianna, winner of the camouflage Baby K’Tan carrier!


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