With my daughter starting school for the first time this month (we do things early in the south), she’s super excited about every little thing — plain old #2 pencils, generic brand crayons, and her regular backpack. I can only imagine what’s to come in a few years when she decides that all the run of the mill supplies are completely uncool.

If you’ve already got one of those mold-breakers, I’m betting he’ll love the Allerhand Mini Ergo Backpack that we found at Oompa Toys. It includes a fancy cellphone case, drawstring art sack, and thermal pockets to keep drinks cold or warm (for the elementary school latte drinker, perhaps?), plus the super bright colors ensure your kid will not get lost in the crowd. Literally.

Of course the one-strap design means this is a better bet for older kids who can carry a ton of stuff and still keep their balance. Unless you want to see something really funny. -Kristen

Congratulations to Allerhand Mini Ergo Backpack winner, Amanda C!