Update: This site no longer exists. RIP Kid’s Busy Box.


I thought that 4 hours of preschool every day would satiate my daughter’s immense hunger for crafts, but alas, she still comes home from school running directly for the glue and construction paper.  I am totally prepared now thanks to the Kid’s Busy Box.

This is a genius invention by five smart moms (of course!) who have put together twenty (count them!) ready-to-make toddler and preschool crafts along with simply directions and every supply needed to complete them all in one big box. Got more than one kid with a craft addiction? Simply add another for a few extra bucks.

Consider grabbing a few as excellent birthday gifts, sending a box to grandma’s house, or leaving one prominently placed on the counter for dad and/or your babysitter while you sneak out of the house. The kids will have a blast and the DVD player will get a nice little break. -Kristen