I am definitely, undoubtedly, google-ably on the record as having some issues with expensive toddler jeans. I was never quite sure why you’d shell out $110 on some mass produced, made-in-China jeans just because it had a name brand label on the back.

Then I found LOVE IS organic denim and okay, so I’m sort of just a little bit eating my words.

The two moms behind the company have created something really spectacular, soft, and perfect for kids, with adjustable waistbands and laser-etched tags instead of scratchy sewn-in ones. These are actually meant to be played in and beat up while still looking great–each pair even includes a denim patch so that even the best worn pair can be passed down to lucky siblings.

The cotton denim is organic, obviously, but so is the entire process down to the weaving and dying. Plus they’re made in India under certified fair trade conditions so I feel like I’m actually doing a little good for the garment workers of world in the process.

As for the price? There’s a reason Zahara Jolie-Pitt is sporting LOVE IS these days. –Liz

Congratulations to Holly F, winner of a pair of kids jeans from LOVE IS!


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