Sadly, shopping with my daughter is already filled with bargaining (if not actual bargains), and she isn’t even a surly tween yet. So I’ve got Style for Grace to thank for a remarkably relaxed and enjoyable mother-daughter shopping experience–that took place right here at my kitchen table.

The site’s creator, Aimee LaLiberte, was inspired by her daughter Grace (natch) to design unique clothing that wouldn’t be seen on every other little girl. Pick a dress style, pick from six collections of fabrics, preview your design, and place your order. I could have spent hours swapping out fabrics and admiring my online creations while my daughter hopped around next to me in excitement: I want that one, Mommy!  No, THAT one!  No, wait–THAT’S the one I want!

Much as I’d love to have added every single combination to our shopping cart, these gorgeous dresses are priced for special occasions.  But I honestly can’t think of a better way to make a special occasion super-special than by letting a little girl help design her own dress. -Julie

Save 10% on your order at Style for Grace with code COOL10 through 10/5/08


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