One of the best outcomes of the toy recalls of 07 is the transparency we’re now finding from so many retailers–where and how their products are made, what they’re made with, and how confident you can be when your 9 month spends the better part of her day with the monkey’s head in her mouth.

Another shop to add to your list of Toy Stores That Get It is the wonderful Hazelnut Kids. This parent-run shop has an entire section on toy safety that gives very informative details about the brands they carry, like how the owner of Chelona toys personally moved from Europe to China better supervise the production of their colorful wooden puzzles.

In addition to popular goodies from the likes of Plan Toys, Haba (shown) and Kathe Kruse dolls we found eco friendly kids furniture, a great selection of SIGG bottles, and smaller brand like Elves & Angels which makes play kitchens I know my daughters would beg for should I allow her to glance at them.

Bookmark Hazelnut Kids and file under “holidays.” Which–yikes–will be here before you know it. –Liz

Congratulations to Shannon B, winner of the Plan Toys sorting bus!


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