I love the story behind Mookimoo: A seasoned US Coast Guard couple has a baby and six weeks later, she has to go back to work so he turns stay-at-home-dad. He slowly grows into the role managing diaper explosions and feeding routines like a pro. And then he hits one stumbling block: His baby girl likes to take off her clothes when she should be napping.

Sound familiar? The clothes-taking off part, at least?

Thus, Officer Randy Reid invented a line of cotton “Mookis,” or snapsuits with–get this–the zippers and the top snap on the back. So obvious, so smart. The cotton feels nice and the simple fish, surfboard, and starfish motifs are a sweet nod to the USCG career. But I’m guessing civilian babies will like them just fine too. –Liz

Congratulations to Kristin W, winner of the fishie Mooki!


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