About three days after I gave birth to my daughter, my friend Lisa brought over some dinner. I can still remember the exact menu:  Bulgarian Stuffed Peppers, salad and a loaf of crusty bread. In my post-birthing daze, it was the single best gift I received–those peppers rocked my world.

I now try my best to return the favor and provide meals for new moms or other people in need, but it’s not always easy to coordinate. MealBaby makes it absolutely simple.

It’s basically a free online food registry and calendar and it makes a terrific gift registry option for a new mom too. She or a very, very nice friend can create her own registry including favorite foods, and then friends and family sign up for a particular night. Not a great cook? You also have the option to order a restaurant gift card. Because sometimes a little postpartum PF Changs hits the spot too. –Danielle


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