Car seat covers serve three excellent purposes: They make older seats look new, they cover the ugly fabrics, and they wash up more easily than the existing covers which don’t actually wash at all. Only problem is, some of the fabrics are so wild, they’re like HEY LOOK AT ME! I’M A CAR SEAT COVER!

Hooray for mom-run Nomie Baby, which goes daring with their quilted car seat covers in that they’re (gasp!) solid . Katie Danzinger has designed these covers to be soft, waterproof, machine washable, and yep, they do make your car seat look a whole lot nicer.

The Nomie Baby covers fit most standard infant and child car seats (Britax, Graco) and come in basic shades of blue, lime, pink or white. Each separately, of course. –Liz

Note: Once again, for the record, third-party car seat covers can void the car seat warranty because theyr’e not tested by the car seat manufacturer, obviously. It’s your choice whether to use them in your car or not.

Congratulations to Jamie L, winner of the Nomie Baby infant seat cover!