The Indigenous Harvest Dress is definitely a misleading name. It sounds like something you’d see in in a museum gift shop, but in reality, it’s a fantastic fall/winter wardrobe staple for little girls who are indigenous to pretty much any town in the US. Just stick a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of tights underneath the organic cotton dress and send her off to charm the schoolyard.

We found it at Green Edge Kids along with a whole line of items from the label Indigenous Designs, which only recently started making their beautiful fair trade items for kids too.

There are definitely some must haves in the collection, so if you see one that you are must-having, grab it now. The talented South American artists who are making them by hand aren’t exactly cranking out 100 a day. As it should be. –Liz

Save 20% off anything in the shop with code fall20 through 11/10/08!


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